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Quality of Open Source Tools

Our poll was asking you to rate the quality of open source software development tools (examples: Eclipse, MySQL, PHP, JUnit, etc...) versus the commercial tools. We had 312 respondents with the following opinions:

Open source tools have the same quality than commercial tools 32%
Open source tools are superior in quality than commercial tools 26%
There is now easy answer to this question 24%
Open source tools are inferior in quality than commercial tools 13% 
I do not use open source tools 4% 
I do not use commercial tools 1%

Number of participants: 312

Ending date: August 2004

We can see that it was not always easy to answer this question, perhaps because quality can vary between tools, whether they are commercial or open source. However, for a majority of the participants, open source tools are at least as good (or bad... ;-]) as commercial tools. For 26% they are even better than commercial tools. This is not good news for the commercial software developers, even if we know that quality is not the only criteria used to select a supplier. Ironically, lack of support is often a point raised by companies that refuses to use open source tools. Is this related to the quality of commercial tools? ;-)

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