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Training for Testing

Our question was: How many weeks of training on software testing have you completed in your professional life?

None  43%
Less than one week  19%
One week (5 days)  7%
One to two weeks  7%
Two weeks to one month  6%
More than one month  18%

Number of participants: 240

Ending date: February 2005

As you can see, a large majority of the participants received none or few testing related training from their employers. I think that this situation is typical of the importance given to the testing phase in many software development projects. The time is often limited and there are few processes, tools and infrastructure available to optimise the efforts of the developers. The lack of training is just another factor that limits the efficiency of testing efforts.

At the other end of the spectrum, you see an important percentage with more than one month of training. This result should be connected with the activity of M&T readers. Around 20% of them are working in the software quality area and people working in this area should have more testing related training than the average developer.

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