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Importance of Web-based Development

This poll was investigating the percentage of new applications that are developed using a Web technology. The question was: What part of your new developed applications are web-based (using a browser as user interface)?

We do not develop web-based applications 15%
25% or less of the new applications 10%
26% to 50% of the new applications 11%
51% to 75% of the new applications; 14%
75% to 99% of the new applications 29%
100% of the new applications 21%

Number of participants: 181

Ending date: November 2004

As you can see, web-based user interface has been widely chosen as a dominant standard interface for developing applications as 50% of respondents develop 75% or more of their new applications with this technology. There are many reasons for this:

  • a will to cut dependence on the client-side operating system 
  • the possibility to improve management of application's changes 
  • the "portal" trend: an Intranet is the new starting point for all applications of an organisation 
  • the "Internet is good" influence that makes you ashamed to propose another interface 

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