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Increased Software Development Maintenance Costs

Software maintenance is an important, but rarely discussed, activity in software development. In its last poll, Methods & Tools asked the question: "What part of your software development budget is devoted to maintenance (enhancing deployed software)?" The answers were:

  2012 2007
25% or less of the budget 29% 37%
26% to 50% of the budget 24% 27%
51% to 75% of the budget 19% 24%
more than 75% of the budget 28% 12%

Participants: 192 / 433

Ending date: December 2012 / October 2007

This survey seems to show that the share of maintenance in the software development budgets is increasing, even if software development budgets are also supposed to get bigger. A similar poll on the same topic was performed by Methods & Tools in 2007. At that time, only 36% of the participants were spending more than 50% of their software development budget for maintenance activities and only 12% were spending more than 75%. Currently, the number of participants spending the majority of their software development budget in maintenance is 48%. The most important change has been in the category that spends more than 75% of their budget on maintenance.


A Trend Towards Lower Software Maintenance Budgets?

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