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NoSQL Databases Adoption: A Good Start

As they benefit from an increased visibility, NoSQL databases seem to represent a serious alternative to the classical relational model. But do they already make an impact in the real software development world? The last Methods & Tools survey wanted to know if organizations were using NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Couchbase, etc) ?

NoSQL Databases Adoption Survey Results

Participants: 222
Ending date: March 2014

The results show clearly that NoSQL databases are still far from being the first technology of choice for data management in software applications. There is however a large amount of participants that are interested in this technology and 27% percent of the participants have some applications in production based on NoSQL databases. This is just a snapshot of the situation that should be considered carefully. The changes in this market are rapid and they concern both the technology being offered and the status of the commercial companies that support most of the leading open source NoSQL databases like MongoDB, CouchBase or Riak.

There was already a period in the 80s where startups were suggesting software development organizations to move away from the relational model to adopt object oriented (OO) databases. This didn't happen and there are today only few small survivors in the OO database market. OO database proposed a better mapping model from object oriented programs but they lacked the performance features and financial strength to fight larger relational vendors at a time where you needed a physical presence to sell your product. I think that the situation is different for NoSQL databases. They are developed to solve specific issues (very large information management, graph-related data) and the open source model allows developing, distributing and selling software and services on the Web with a lower overhead. NoSQL databases are currently a relatively new technology and there are still a large number of projects available, which can make it more difficult for companies that need to commit for a long-term architecture. We can see however the emergence of some leaders out of the pack and also the first acquisitions and mergers that will consolidate the NoSQL database market. Another element that influences this market is how Oracle manages the evolution of MySQL. This influences how some organizations are looking for open source database solutions, either relational like PostgreSQL or in the NoSQL category.


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