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Methods & Tools - Text Edition - March 2010

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*** News ***

* The Times They Are a-Changin’ ? Maybe Not

I will rather say that history repeats itself. By the way, this is a quote from Hegel and Marx added that first time was tragedy, and the second time farce. Yet this post is not about a Bob Dylan against Marx debate, but about a thought that came when, after following a conference presenting some of the IBM Rational products, I discovered the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration initiative. OSLC defined itself as “a community effort to help software delivery teams by making it easier to use lifecycle tools in combination. Read more

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*** Numbers ***

Functional Testing Responsibility Poll

The past M&T poll asked: Who does functional testing at your location? The results are that developers are not involved in functional testing in close to 50% of the cases. Trying to find the causes of this situation, I asked for explanations in various testing and agile groups on LinkedIn. Read more

UML Usage Poll

The current M&T poll is asking: What is the usage of UML modeling techniques at your location? Go to our web site to participate and to see intermediate results.

*** Jobs ***

Featured Jobs

Software Developer, Brightidea Inc., New York, NY

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*** Linkopedia ***

Linkopedia March 2010

Web site: Software Engineering Method and Theory

Web site: Rosetta Code

Blog Post: Are tools necessary for acceptance testing, or are they just evil?

Blog Post: New Agile Guidance and CMMI Guidance

Blog Post: 7 truths about Agile and Scrum that people don’t want to hear

Article: Designing Efficient SQL: A Visual Approach

Article: Are you using a toolset in your code review?

Tool: S.P.L.O.T. - Software Product Line Online Tools

Tool: RichNesse - Fitnesse WYSIWIG Editor

Tool: Review Board - Web-based code review tool

Video: Learn About Continuous Integration With Hudson

Video: A Guided Tour of a Whiteboard Culture

Video: Microsoft Visual C# IDE Tips and Tricks

Find more interesting links on the software development links directory, the software development tools directory, the software development articles directory, the software development blogs aggregator or the software development videos directory.

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The Principles Of Project Management - Deliver projects on time and on budget, again and again

Simply SQL is a practical step-by-step guide to writing SQL.

Bug Tracking Tools Directory - Software Quality Assurance, Defect and Issue Tracking Software

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*** Books ***

Leading Lean Software Development – Results are not the Point

What fascinates me the most in the Lean software development approach is the quality of the people that support it. The Poppendieck are not an exception to this rule. Their book achieves the seemingly contradictory goals of being very insightful but still easy and captivating to read. It might be however easier to have the right flow when you are a Lean adept ;o) Read More

Get more details on this book or buy it on
Get more details on this book or buy it on

*** Conferences ***

XP Day Suisse Edition Francophone, March 29 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

Agile Central Europe, April 8-9 2010, Krakow, Poland

SharePoint Summit 2010, April 12-14 2010, Montreal - Quebec, Canada

ACCU Conference 2010, April 14-17 2010, Oxford, UK

Flex on Java eXchange, April 15 2010, London, UK

Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010, April 21-23 2010, Atlanta, USA

Cloud & Grid eXchange, April 22-23 2010, London, UK

STAREAST - Software Testing Analysis & Review Conference, April 25-30 2010, Orlando, USA

Mini XP Day, April 26 2010, Kapellerput, The Netherlands

DevDay for iPhone, April 26 2010, London UK

Mobile Marketing & Branding Seminar, April 27 2010, Zurich, Switzerland
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MAT.

DevDay for iPhone Geneva, April 28 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

Iqnite Germany, April 27-30 2010, Düsseldorf, Germany
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

Scrum Day, May 4-5 2010, Munich, Germany

TeamConf 2010, May 4-6 2010, Munich, Germany

Certified Scrum Master with Jeff Sutherland , May 6-7 2010, Munich, Germany

Progressive .NET Tutorials, May 12-14 2010, London, UK

SPA Conference, May 16-19 2010, London, UK

Iqnite Ireland, May 20 2010, Dublin, Ireland
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

Spring In Finance eXchange, May 21 2010, London, UK

Jazoon, June 1-3 2010, Zurich, Switzerland

Better Software Conference, June 6-11 2010, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Method and Tools subscribers using promo code MTBS save up to an additional $200.

Agile Development Practices West Conference, June 6-11 2010, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Method and Tools subscribers using promo code MTAW save up to an additional $200

Iqnite Geneva, June 15 2010, Geneva, Switzerland
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

Flex on Java eXchange, June 18 2010, London, UK

Agile 2010 Conference, August 9-13 2010, Nashville, USA

Iqnite Nordic, September 29-30 2010, Stockholm, Sweden
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

Iqnite UK, October 4 2010, London, UK
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

Agile Business Conference 2010, October 5-6 2010, London, UK - Call for Session

Iqnite Austria, October 13 2010, Vienna, Austria
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, October 18-20 2010, Portland, USA

Iqnite Australia, October 26-27 2010, Sidney, Australia
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

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In future issues, you will find articles on:
* Five Symptoms of Mechanical Agile
* Using Wat-iN to leverage common elements in Web Testing
* Make your code more testable
* Model Based Testing
* Continuous Testing
* Keyword Driven Testing
* Large Software Product Lines
* Core Protocols
* Hudson Continuous Integration Tool
* Five Steps to Kanban

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