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White Paper: Real Reuse for Requirements

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Load or Performance Testing Tools Poll

The current poll is asking: Do you use a tool for load testing ? Go to our web site to participate and to see intermediate results.

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Featured Jobs

Senior .NET Web Developer e-Commerce with Scrum, Miami, FL

Applications Architect, Coventry Health, Cranberry, PA

Project Manager, BigMachines, Deerfield, IL or San Mateo, CA

QA Tester, Enabling Solutions, Houston, TX

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Linkopedia October 2010

Blog: Avast Combining the ScrumMaster and Product Owner, Matey!

Blog: What's Wrong with "HTML5"

Blog: Maintainable Systems 2

Blog: How To Adopt Getting Results the Agile Way

Site: Retrospective Wiki

Humour: You Know That You Are on a Software Project

Article: Evolutionary architecture and emergent design: Building DSLs in JRuby

Article: Static Analysis Is Not Just for Finding Bugs

Tools: JUnitum - JUnit extension for system test

Tools: Dancer - Perl framework

Video: What the #@!?*# is cloud computing?

Video: Adding Sanity to Your Agility

Video: User Scenario Testing for Android

Find more interesting links on the software development links directory, the software development tools directory, the software development articles directory, the software development blogs aggregator or the software development videos directory.

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Making it Big in Software

You can read on the back cover of this book "Here's all the information you need to jumpstart your software career: the best way to get hired, move up, and blaze your way to the top!" There is certainly more marketing ambition than developer modesty in this statement. This being said, this book contains some valuable information for the computer science student of somebody who is freshly graduated and has just started his professional journey Read More

Get more details on this book or buy it on
Get more details on this book or buy it on

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Iqnite Australia, October 26-27 2010, Sidney, Australia
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

Agile Development Practices East Conference, November 14-19 2010, Orlando, FL, USA

Devoxx 2010, November 15-19, Antwerp, Belgium

Scrum Day, November 16-17 2010, Berlin, Germany

Practical Product Lines, November 17-18 2010, Venlo, The Netherlands

iqnite South Africa, November 18, Johannesburg, South Africa
Methods and Tools readers get discount of 15%. Simply use the code MT 2010.

XP Days Benelux, November 25-26 2010, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

SharePoint Summit, January 31 - February 2 2011, Toronto, Canada

SPTechCon, San Francisco, February 7-9 2011, San Francisco, USA

Android DevCon, March 7-9 2011, San Francisco, USA

iPhone/iPad DevCon, April 4-6 2011, Boston, USA

ACCU Conference, April 13-16 2011, Oxford, UK

SPTechCon, June 1-3 2011, Boston, USA

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New Sites Worth Visting

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SQL Server Tools Directory
MySQL Tools Directory

Methods & Tools is looking for open source tools articles

Methods & Tools has introduced this year a tool section in its PDF issues. I am therefore looking for short (3-4 pages, screenshots included) presentations articles of open source software development tools (JUnit for instance). If you are commiter to an open source project or working with such a tool and willing to present it to the readers of Methods & Tools, do not hesitate to contact me.

Methods & Tools Article Pipeline

In future issues, you will find articles on:
* Non-Functional Requirements: Do User Stories Really Help?
* Process Improvement, the Agile Way
* Testing Dojos
* Creating Type Specific Data Libraries to Drive Test Automation
* Solid Configuration Management
* Camel Tool
* ServiceMix Tool
* Ant Tool
* Tellurium Tool
* GiveWenZen Tool
* Apache CXF Tool