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Last Software Development Articles Published by Methods & Tools

* ER/Builder - Free Database Modeling & Schema Generation
ER/Builder is a free visual tool for database modeling and schema generation using an entity relationship (ER) approach. It offers also a reverse engineering feature for some databases. The currently supported databases are Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, MySQL,MariaDB, Interbase and Firebird.
* Dockerize your Tests and Selenium Test Environment
Learn how to setup an isolated Selenium testing environment based on specific technology to run software tests using the Docker container platform.
* Performance Testing and Agile
With the advent of DevOps, there is an increasing trend of projects trying to adopt Agile model for their delivery. This article aims at performing a critical analysis of Agile performance testing and tries to answer the question: How Agile performance testing can fit into the current software delivery world?
* BOUML - Free Unified Modeling Language (UML) & Code Generation Tool
BOUML is a free Unified Modeling Language (UML) and code generation tool that generates C++, Java, Idl, PHP, Python and MySQL code.
* What We Learned From Our First Blockchain Software Project
This article presents the lessons learned for a first blockchain software project built with the Ethereum blockchain platform.
* Axway Automated Testing System (ATS)
The Axway Automated Testing System (ATS) is a powerful multipurpose open source testing framework suitable for different types of functional, performance and UI testing of modern enterprise products. ATS allows interacting with tested applications in variety of ways, as well as preparing the test environment and verifying the actual results.
* Green Coffee - Running Gherkin Tests for Android
Green Coffee is an open source library that allows you to run acceptance tests written in Gherkin in your Android instrumentation tests. This allows to apply a Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) approach and Agile testing to mobile software development.
* How To Hire Product Owners
Some tips and a list of question on how to interview and hire product owners for Agile Scrum software development project teams.
* PerfCake - a Lightweight Open Source Performance Testing Tool
PerfCake is an open source performance testing tool and a load generator with the aim to: 1) be minimalistic, 2) easy to use, 3) provide stable and repeatable results, 4) have minimum influence on the measured system, 5) be platform independent, 6) use component design, 7) allow high throughput.