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New Methods & Tools Spring 2014 PDF Issue sponsored by Better Software & Agile Development Conference West

* The Principles of Done - How to Get Done Done in Scrum
* Doing Valuable Agile Retrospectives - Why, When and How to Perform Retrospectives in Scrum
* Chop Onions Instead of Layers - for a Better Software Architecture
* Ranorex - Automated Testing Tool for Desktop, Web & Mobile Applications

STAREAST - The Software Testing Conference Rapise - Rapid and Flexible Web GUI Test Automation Automated Testing of Desktop, Web and Mobile with Ranorex Software Testing Magazine
Methods & Tools Past and Future Software Development Publications
Winter 2013 PDF issue: Software Architecture Diagrams, Agile UX, Toyota Kata, GVM, Selenide
Fall 2013 PDF issue: Agile Learning, Using the Debugger, Mikado Method,
Zucchini, Portofino, TerraER, UnQLite, Karma, CodernityDB
Future articles: Kanban for Skeptics, Zen Programming, Evaluate and Improve Mobile User Experience,
Functional Programming, Coding Dojos, cuke_sniffer, EnvJasmine, Gatling, KADOS, Walkmod

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