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Software consulting companies

Berteig Consulting Inc. Agile Work speaking, training, consulting, coaching and strategic assessment services

Bredemeyer Consulting   Software Architecture, Software Architects and Architecting

Grove Consultants   Specialists in software testing

Hortis    Agile J2EE development with open source products

Information Engineering Services    Methodology and Technology Services 

Logikos   IT Project and process specialists

Process Impact   Practical software process improvement

Quality Tree Software   Consulting and Training in Software Testing

R.S. Pressman & Associates   Services and products that help companies improve their software engineering practices

Royston Consulting  IT Outsourcing information and resources  

SE-CURE   Software quality and process improvement

Software Acumen   Software Product Lines, Software Process Improvement

Steve Berczuk Consulting   Software development and agile approach consulting

SSQC    Software Systems Quality Consulting

SynSpace    The heart of the Bootstrap process assessment method

Tom Gilb   World-class advanced practical methods, principles and experience

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