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Communities & Directories    Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source Definition   THE reference hosting directory for open source projects   Apache community of open-source software projects   Community of open source software development projects    Open Source software community

Object-refinery  Directory of open source projects using Java   Open source software testing tools for test analysts and test managers

Open Source Project Management   Project management open source tools directory

Open Source Scrum   Scrum agile project management open source tools directory


MySQL    The most widely used open source database


Firebird  The open source borland interbase version

Ozone     Object oriented database

Development tools

Netbeans   Sun's open source java development tool

Eclipse    IBM's open source developement IDE

Argouml   Java based modelling tool to design using UML

Suneido   Complete application development platform (language + relational database +components)

Kdevelop   C/C++ IDE

JBoss    J2EE-based Web application server

JUnit    Regression testing framework to implement unit tests in Java

csUnit   Unit testing tool for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Bugzilla   Bug Tracking System

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