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Methods & Tools - Winter 2016

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* Making Sprint Retrospectives Work
* Embracing the Red Bar: Safely Refactoring Tests
* The Secret Sauce of Delivering Scrum Projects
* doctest - the lightest C++ testing framework for unit tests
* MarkupKit - Open Source Declarative UI for iOS

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Winter 2016

Better Retrospectives, Refactoring Tests, Delivering Scrum Projects, doctest, MarkupKit

Fall 2016

Acceptance Testing, Agile Team, Project Estimation,Agile Coaching, DbFit, generjee, Mox

Summer 2016

Hiring for Agile, Load Testing Errors, Goals on Every Level, Turnip

Spring 2016

Load Testing, Giving Bad News, Distributed Team Communications, Kano Study, #NoProjects

Winter 2015

Social Codebase, Database CI, REST API Testing, PhpDependencyAnalysis, Watai

Fall 2015

Ethnography & Softare, Emotional Testing, Lean-UX, Enterprise-Scale BDD

Summer 2015

Software Gardening, Software Entropy, Hybrid Requirements, Lean UX, agileMantis

Spring 2015

Impact-Driven Scrum, Code Review, #NoEstimates,Self-Selecting Teams, Software Laws, Kanboard, ConQAT

Winter 2014

Agile Analysis, Self-Selecting Teams, Collaborative DSL, TDD with Mock Objects, BDDfire

Fall 2014

Coding dojo, Agile metrics, Requirements and Specifications, CatJS, Walkmod, ProjeQtOr, Selendroid

Summer 2014

Kanban, Zen Developer, Evaluate Mobile UX, KADOS, EnvJasmine, cuke_sniffer, TargetProcess

Spring 2014

Principles of Done, Valuable Retrospectives, Onions in Software Architecture, Ranorex

Winter 2013

Software Architecture Diagrams, Agile UX, Toyota Kata, GVM, Selenide

Fall 2013

Agile Learning, Using the Debugger, Mikado Method, Zucchini, Portofino, TerraER, UnQLite, Karma, CodernityDB

Summer 2013

Mobile Load Testing, Scrum Sprint Length, Software Developer Business Patterns, Git-TFS, Apache Isis

Spring 2013

Agile Hiring, Distributed Testing, ACID NoSQL, Saga, Behat, LibrePlan, RoboSpock

Winter 2012

Mobile Load Testing, Agile Facilitation, TDD Traps, Embedded Datases, JSHint, NoSQLUnit

Fall 2012

Software Testing in Scrum, Mobile Load Testing, Test-driven Test Code Development, eFitNesse, Flyway, Findbugs, PESTT, Open Twebst

Summer 2012

ATDD in Scrum, Continuous Delivery, DSDM, Knowledge Management, Erlang, Concordion, Mockito, Robotium, JMeter-Plugins

Spring 2012

Collaborative Requirements, ASP.NET MVC Testing, Agile Architecture, Google Web Toolkig, TestNG, SBT Scala Build Tool, CUBRID, Guarana

Winter 2011

Agile Culture, Software Architecture, Burndown Chart, Psychology of UX, Cucumber, Sureassert, ChiliProject, Scrum-it

Fall 2011

Dialogue Sheets, Models and Standards, Psychology of UX, HTML5, Gradle, Saros, StarUML

Summer 2011

Continuous Delivery, Software Measurement, The Art of Mocking, Restructure101 for Java, Maven, Selenium, Liquibase

Spring 2011

Automated Acceptance Tests and Requirements Traceability, Managing Schedule Flaws with Agile Methods, Personas Driven Development, Complexity Theory, Build Patterns, GivWenZen, Tellurium, Apache CXF, RSpec, Maven Plugins, Celoxis

Winter 2010

Agile Non-Functional Requirements, Testing Dojo, Agile Process Improvement, Apache ServiceMix, Apache Camel, ArgoUML

Fall 2010

Distributed Agile, Decomposition of Projects, Agile Code Analysis, Core Protocols, Junit, SoapUI, Agilefant, Bromine, tinyPM

Summer 2010

Kanban, Keyword Driven Testing, Software Product Line, Better requirements, Core Protocols, eValid, Hudson, Fitnesse, VoodooMock, Jazoon

Spring 2010

Using WatiN, Mechanical Agile, Testable Code, Model-Based Testing, Sonar, Express Agile Project Management, Apache JMeter

Winter 2009

Large Refactoring, Domain Driven Design, Agile Coaching, Enterprise AJAX, Process Improvement, SQuirreL SQL Client

Fall 2009

Mature Scrum, Automated Testing, Spring Framework, Learning View, Executable UML

Summer 2009

Responsibility Driven Design, Agile Coding and Testing, Quantify Quality, Scrum Product Owner Guide, Driven Design Compared, Ruby Open-Source Messaging Servers

Spring 2009

Executable UML, Architecture Decay, Agile RFP, Database Locking, Code Generation

Winter 2008

Software Estimation, Database Design, Optimizing Testing, Service Components and Compositions

Fall 2008

Controlling Project Risk, Agile Hiring, Outsourcing Testing, Scrum Meetings

Summer 2008

UML versus DSL, Increment and Iterate, Acceptance TDD, Control your Project

Spring 2008

OpenUP, Quality Assured by Evo, Creating an Agile environment, Real Requirements Reuse

Winter 2007

Requirements for Outsourcing, Practical Code Reviews, Exploratory Testing
Fall 2007 Measuring Progress on Agile Projects, Lean Configuration Management, Retrospectives, Mass Customizing Solutions
Summer 2007 Agile Tool Selection Strategy for Web Testing, What's Wrong with Agile Approaches, Mocking the Embedded World, Personal Quality Management
Spring 2007 Process Improvement, Strategic Modeling for Rapid Delivery of Enterprise Architecture, Fear of Intervention - How Subordinates Grow to be Entrepreneurs, A Methodology to Support Software Release Decisions
Winter 2006 Stakeholder Analysis, Software Product Line Engineering with Feature Models, Domain-Specific Modeling Language for an Existing Framework, Enterprise Application Development
Fall 2006 Introduction to Software Product Line Development, Incremental Transition to Software Product Line, An Introduction to Ruby on Rails
Summer 2006 Preventing Project Failure, Agile Adoption at British Telecom, Managing an Open Source Project
Spring 2006 Use Cases and Implementing ALM Systems, Adopting an Agile Method, Continuous Integration
Winter 2005 How to Build and Lead Effective Test Teams, Risk Based Testing 
Fall 2005 Use Case Points, Domain-Specific Modelling, Capturing Requirements in Story Form
Summer 2005 Agile Development with Iconix Process, Using Customer Tests to Drive Development, The Enterprise Implementation Framework (EIF): Beyond the IDEAL Model
Spring 2005 Improving Application Quality Using Test-Driven Development (TDD), The Agile Unified Process (AUP), A Systematic Approach to Specification, Open Source For Enterprise
Winter 2004 Agile Multidisciplinary Teamwork, Feature Driven Development, Adaptive Project Management Using Scrum
Fall 2004 Don't write another process, Managing your Way through the Integration and Test Black Hole, A Decision Table Based Methodology for the Analysis of Complex Conditional Actions
Summer 2004 Parallel Development Strategies for Software Configuration Management, Architecting Integration - Enterprise Integration Patterns, Collaborative Source Software
Spring 2004 Identifying Best Practices, Precise Use Cases
Winter 2003 Understanding the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide, Regulatory Compliance and IT Converging Challenges, Will Pair Programming Really Improve Your Project?, ASP Tools For Software Development
Fall 2003 NET Uncovered, Understanding the Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Quantified Objectives: Managing Software Development Projects
Summer 2003 XP Testing Without XP, Modeling for Load Testing Web Sites, When can the software be released?
Spring 2003 The Case for Naked Objects, Refactoring, How to Select a QA Collaboration Tool
Winter 2002 Extreme Programming as Nested Conversations, Another Look at Incremental and Iterative Development, The Problems of Predictive Development, Getting the Most out of a J2EE Platform
Fall 2002 Software Process Misconceptions, Software Quality Improvement
Summer 2002 Strategy for IT, Software Inspections
Spring 2002 Understanding the Unified Process, Assessing Readiness for SPI, Web Site Mapping
Winter 2001 Understanding Structural Modeling, Software Process Improvement: The New Silver Bullet?,Test Tool Evaluations
Fall 2001 Classic Testing Mistakes, Managing the Constraints of e-Business Projects
Summer 2001 Test Automation, HOORA - an UML based Method, Developer Psychology
Spring 2001 Introducing QA in a Web Startup, Database Modelling in UML
Winter 2000 Risk-Based E-Business Testing, Software Configuration for the Web
Fall 2000 Risk-Based E-Business Testing, Sponsoring Successful Projects, Training & Quality
Summer 2000 Software Project Planning, Risk-Based E-Business Testing
Spring 2000 Automated Testing, Use Case Modeling, GUI Test Checklist
Winter 1999 WebSite Quality Challenge, OO Teamwork, Managing Geeks
Fall 1999 Function Points, OO-based Software Estimation,Process Improvement
Summer 1999 Configuration Management and ISO 9001, Automated Test Tool Introduction, ORDBMS or ODBMS ?
Spring 1999 Object Oriented Analysis, Understanding UML, Extreme Y2K Contingency Planning, Testing

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