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Methods & Tools - News, Facts & Comments Edition - November 2008

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Posting of jobs is free. If your company is recruiting in the software development field, do not hesitate to use this board.

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38 Software design tips from the creator of C++ presents useful tips from Bjarne Stroustrup.

Agile Chronicles #1: Stressful. The Agile Chronicles is a set of articles documenting my experiences using an Agile process (Scrum) in software development.

Refactoring Service Dependencies to Separated Interface. This post presents a common scenario wherein business logic is tightly coupled to a service and provides instruction for refactoring the concrete dependency to a more testable and loosely coupled configuration.

Concordion. Concordion is an open source framework for Java that lets you turn a plain English description of a requirement into an automated test - an active specification.

Roma Framework. Roma allows you to develop enterprise level Java applications with low effort following a real Domain Driven Design approach.

Testability-explorer. Testability-explorer is a tool that analyzes java byte-codes and computes how difficult it will be to write unit-test.

Build seven good object-oriented habits in PHP. These seven habits will help you get started in the transition between procedural programming and OO programming.

Understanding Models, Views, and Controllers. This tutorial provides you with a high-level overview of ASP.NET MVC models, views, and controllers. In other words, it explains the ‘M’, ‘V’, and ‘C’ in ASP.NET MVC.

Writing Testable Code. Misko Hevery made a presentation at Google Tech Talks about unit testing. He tells us that "There is no secret to writing tests… … there are only secrets to writing testable code!".

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Global Project Management

In a global world, software development projects concern more and more people working in various locations or coming from different organizations and culture. Managing these projects requires thinking beyond the traditional project management techniques to integrate these additional global dimensions and deal with the new issues that they create. This book helps project managers to think about this situation by proposing a detailed framework dealing with the team, communication, organization, tools and techniques dimensions of global projects. Every chapter has a good balance between conceptual material and real life examples. Many checklists and models are proposed to help assessing the global aspects of specific situations. The author invites also the reader to think how the current topic is handled in his organization. Finally, the book provides many pointers to additional literature that help readerr getting more knowledge on a particular topic. More information on the global project management framework can be obtained on

The book has received in 2008 the Project Management Institute (PMI) David Cleland Project Management Literature Award that recognizes the best project management literature published during the previous calendar year.

Gower Publishing, ISBN: 978-0566087066, Hardcover: 308 pages

Get more details on this book or buy it on

Get more details on this book or buy it on

*** Conferences: **********************

* International Test Certification Weeks (ITCW)

  • Dallas, CO - December 8-12, 2008
  • Tampa, FL - February 9-13, 2009
  • San Antonio, TX - March 3-7, 2009
  • Washington D.C. - March 30 - April 3, 2009
  • Minneapolis, MN - April 13-17, 2009

20 Full day in-depth Software Testing and QA courses taught by Leading Industry Experts in Software Testing & Quality


* Open Source Singapore-Pacific-Asia Conference & Expo 2009, February 16-28 2009, Singapore

The Open Source Singapore-Pacific-Asia Conference & Expo will be the seminal event, where the best and brightest developers, executives, and visionaries will gather to set the future course of Open Source across the region. The conference will include keynote speakers, breakout sessions, an exhibit hall and endless networking opportunities.


* Boosting Software Quality with Agile Processes March 18-20 2009, Stockholm, Sweden

The Nordic Rendez-vous for Agile specialists are taking place in Stockholm, March 18 – 20, 2009. If you are keen to identify the way to control software development via Scrum and Agile test management


CITCON North America 2009, April 17-18 2009, Minneapolis/St. Paul, USA

The Continuous Integration and Testing Conference is an Open Space conference for developers, testers, tool developers and everyone who is interested in continuous integration and testing. This is a chance to connect with other people on topics you care about, learn from their experiences, and share your own, Past topics include:

  • The role of critical testing with CI / best testing practices with an Agile team
  • BDD vs. TDD
  • Incorporating metrics into CI
  • Watir and Selenium
  • Randomization and defect injection in CI
  • CI tool smackdown
  • Unit testing with Groovy

Registration is free, and the hotel has a special conference rate. Attendance is limited to 150, so register now!


* ACCU 2009 Spring Conference, 22-25 April 2009, Oxford, UK

The ACCU conference has a tradition of high quality sessions covering many aspects of software development, from programming languages and technologies to development processes, and softer aspects such as team building, communication and leadership.


* Code Generation 2009, June 16­18 2009, Cambridge, UK.

CG2009 brings developers and leading experts in code generation tools and technologies together in a unique, participative event. Whether you are a veteran or a novice with Domain-Specific Languages, MDA, Executable UML, Eclipse Modeling etc. you will benefit by taking part.


* Jazoon'09, June 22-25 2009, Zurich, Switzerland - Call for papers

Submission deadlines
* Technical short talks - 2008-12-31

The latest trends and developments are examined in these 20' presentations.
* Technical long talks - 2008-12-31

The latest trends and developments are examined in these 50' presentations.
* Jazoon Rookie - 2008-12-31

A young developer speaker's competition.

* Jazoon Cutting Edge - 2009-05-15
These 20' talks address the most recent developments in the Java industry.

* Birds-of-a-feather sessions - 2009-06-14
BOF sessions are an ideal form for an open but structured dialogue and exchange of experiences.

*** M&T News *****************************************************

* Future Issues of Methods & Tools

In future issues, you will find articles on:

  • Behavior Driven Database Design
  • Optimizing the Contribution of Testing to Project Success
  • Service Components and Compositions
  • A Gentle Introduction To Software Estimation
  • Database Locking
  • Architecture Decay
  • Code Generation
  • Scrum Backlog LifeCycle
  • How to Build Articulate UML Class Models
  • Open-Source Messaging Servers

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