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Methods & Tools - May 2018
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*** Updates ***

Last Articles Published on Methods & Tools Website

Approval Testing: Agile Testing that Scales Did you ever change your software in such a way that it broke the majority of your tests and led to major test maintenance work? Tests are a form of the specification of the software. That is why, in an agile world where software never "stabilizes", tests can quickly move from being a pillar of quality to a burden and hindrance to change. Approval Testing mitigates this risk by removing the need for explicit assertions and instead managing changes to the system behavior. Read more...

*** Quote of the Month ***

We often hear people say "We're agile, we don't need a plan" or even worse "We can't plan". This is just not true. Release Planning in agile is as important as it is in traditional projects, the only difference is there are a few techniques that help make sure the plans bear some relation to reality. We've all worked on projects where you know from day one that you will be late, and yet no one does anything about it. Agile planning is different. We give up the illusion of control of traditional rigid plans, and replace it with a clear view of where we actually are, even if it's badly behind schedule, so that we can make decisions based on what is actually possible.

Source: A Coach’s Guide to Release Planning, Samantha Laing and Karen Greaves,

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Enov8 Environment Manager – DevOps at Scale

Enov8 Environment Manager is an out of the box "IT & Test Environment Management" platform that allows you to drive productivity across your IT projects and DevOps teams. A "DevOps at Scale" solution that improves transparency, control and cost optimization. Use Enov8 to model IT environments, monitor health, identify demand (including bookings), centrally planning & coordinate, standardise & automate release operations and improve through enterprise status accounting & reporting.

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*** Books ***

What Drives Software Quality

Software quality or the quality of software is a topic that generates many debates within the software development community. Is it about user satisfaction? Does it deliver value to the organization? Do we consider the quality of the code or its capability to change in the future, maybe with some automated tests to make sure nothing breaks? How good is "good enough"? In his book "What Drives Quality" Ben Linders tries to provide an overview of the quality perspectives during the software development life cycle.

Read the review and quotes from What Drives Software Quality .

Reference: What Drives Quality, Ben Linders,

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*** Software Development Linkopedia ***

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Text: Two Parallel Processes of Project Success – Both Value and Delivery are Needed

Text: Tester and Developer: A conversation about identity and motivation

Video: Are we Quality Assurance or Testers?

Video: Laziness is the Ultimate Sophistication, both in Life and in Programming

Video: Portfolio Planning and Prioritisation at Scale

Video: Testing in Production

Video: Developing Good Scrum Team Habits

Tools: ReTest is an open source GUI regression testing tool

Tools: Kansha is an open source tool that provides scrum boards, enhanced todo lists and Trello-like boards

Tools: Open Source JavaScript Code Analysis

Find more interesting links on the software development tools, the software development articles or the software development videos websites.

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Agile Dev, Better Software, & DevOps West, June 3-8 2018, Las Vegas, USA

Test Leadership Congress, June 4-6 2018, New York, USA

JBCNConf, June 11-13 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Agile on the Beach, 12-13 July 2018, Falmouth Cornwall, UK

#AgileCrete, July 30-31 2018, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Agile2018, August 6-10 2018, San Diego, USA

BlockChainConf.Tech, September 6-7 2018, Atlanta, USA

Agile Prague, September 10-11 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

DevChain Conference, September 27-28 2018, London, UK

Pacific NW Software Quality Conference, October 8-10 2018, Portland, USA

CONNECT.TECH, October 17-19 2018, Atlanta, USA

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