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Methods & Tools - April 2020
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Last Articles Published on Methods & Tools Website

JetUML – a Simple Open Source UML Diagramming Tool JetUML is a simple desktop open source Unified Modeling Language (UML) tool UML diagramming. The concept of JetUML is to provide the basic support for sketching software design ideas. JetUML currently supports the following UML diagrams: class diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, object diagrams and use case diagrams. Diagrams can be exported to image file format, and copied to the system clipboard for integration with other tools like word processing software for documentation. Read more...

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Articles from Methods & Tools' Archives

Database Locking: What it is, Why it Matters and What to do About it Database locking is a varied, evolving, complicated, and technical topic. This paper sheds light on the nature of database locking and how it varies between different platforms. It also discuss the types of application issues that can arise related as a result. It then looks at ways to ferret out these issues and to resolve them before they sneak out the door with your finished product. Armed with this understanding of the enemy and how it relates to your application, you will be much better able to avoid disaster. Read more...

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*** Quote of the Month ***

Since 2006 the era of "Everything as a service" has advanced quickly. Cloud computing is dominant. Infrastructure as a service is now standard, as are Platform and Software as a service. Function (also known as Serverless) is about to be the next big thing. AI is potentially the next elephant waiting to enter the room. There are more opportunities than ever to outsource your undifferentiated heavy lifting to third parties.

These third parties are relevant because our engineering capacity has never been more limited. Thanks to the constraints of time and money and the scarcity of engineering talent, we must be very careful in deciding how to spend our precious time. We should be spending it on things that maximize value and minimize cost, both in the short and long term.

There will always be some unavoidable amount of cost incurred whenever your code runs in production. You will have to fix bugs that impact your customers, handle outages, etc. These costs can never be completely eliminated but what you can do is minimize them.

Offloading as much responsibility as possible to third parties is a useful technique for minimizing the number of things the team is directly responsible for (and therefore need expertise in) and allowing the team to operate at a higher level of abstraction (and therefore deliver customer value more rapidly).

Knowing what to outsource and to whom is an art, so we use the following guidelines to help us make decisions:

  • Don’t outsource things core to your customers’ user experience as this makes it easier for others to copy your product and disrupt your business.
  • Do outsource things the industry considers undifferentiated heavy lifting and enable your team to move faster, leaner and provide a higher level of quality to customers.
  • Be extremely mindful and diligent in understanding the security of companies you are outsourcing to.
  • Understand the potential consequences of outsourcing to young startups. Young startups go out of business regularly and their security and reliability is often worse than more mature companies.

Source: "Run Less Software", Rich Archbold,

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*** Software Development Linkopedia ***

Website: Embolden_Her is an organization striving to support women working in tech to empower them to become leaders in tech.

Text: Your Team is Smarter Than You Are: Why Autonomous Product Teams Work Better

Text: Retros Against Humanity

Text: STOP!! You don’t need Microservices.

Text: Scalable Apache JMeter Test Framework using Azure Kubernetes Service and Grafana

Text: When It Comes to Feedback, Start with Yourself

Text: Four Qualities of the Independent Developer

Text: Anti-Patterns in Software Testing

Video: A Software Developer Guide To Burnout

Video: How Java is Imitating Functional Languages

Video: Re-Architecting 2-Tier to 3-Tier

Video: Deliver Results, Not Just Releases

Video: Amazing Code Reviews

Video: Creating an Awesome Product Owner Team

Video: Advanced Software Testing & Refactoring Techniques

Tools: pstress is a probability-based open-source database testing tool designed to run in concurrency and to test if the database can recover when something goes wrong. It generates random transactions based on options provided by the user. With the right set of options, users can test features, regression, and crash recovery. It can create concurrent load on a cluster or on a single server.

Tools: CAIRIS stands for Computer Aided Integration of Requirements and Information Security. It is a platform for eliciting, specifying, and validating secure and usable systems. It was built from the ground up to support all the elements necessary for usability, requirements, and risk analysis.

Tools: Open Source Kanban Tools. If most of the open source projects for Scrum tools have ended being transformed in a limited offer that supports a main commercial product, this has not been the case for Kanban. The simplicity of the Kanban approach has allowed open source software developers to create and maintain Kanban tools based on various platforms.

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Agile + DevOps West, Virtual Conference, USA, June 8-11 2020, September 29-October 1 2020, Chicago, USA

CONNECT.TECH, October 16-18 2020, Atlanta, USA

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