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Methods & Tools - March 2019
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*** Updates ***

Last Articles Published on Methods & Tools Website - Open Source Cross-Platform End-to-End Test Runner is an open source cross-platform end-to-end test runner for anything that runs in a browser. Its architecture is unique wherein the tests run alongside the application inside the browser, which allows the tests to closely control and observe the application. Read more...

*** From The Archives ***

Articles from Methods & Tools' Archives

An Introduction to Domain Driven Design Today’s enterprise applications are undoubtedly sophisticated and rely on some specialized technologies (persistence, AJAX, web services and so on) to do what they do. And as developers it’s understandable that we tend to focus on these technical details. But the truth is that a system that doesn’t solve the business needs is of no use to anyone, no matter how pretty it looks or how well architected its infrastructure. The philosophy of domain-driven design (DDD) – first described by Eric Evans in his book of the same name – is about placing our attention at the heart of the application, focusing on the complexity that is intrinsic to the business domain itself. We also distinguish the core domain (unique to the business) from the supporting sub-domains (typically generic in nature, such as money or time), and place appropriately more of our design efforts on the core. Read more...

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STAREAST Conference — Coming to Orlando April 28–May 3, 2019

STAREAST features a week packed with knowledge from some of the best in testing. Whether you have recently been asked to undertake testing as a part of your role or if you have years of experience, STAREAST will keep you on top of the latest and greatest knowledge to help you excel in your job role - and perhaps even save your sanity. Learn More

*** Quote of the Month ***

No matter how hard you try, an occasional defect will escape to production despite your best efforts. Ideally, this is a rare event. When it happens, the defect is likely to be a devious problem that causes strange things to happen in other systems you didn’t know about during development. Because of a big security fence between development and production, you are unlikely to hear much about many of these defects, let alone participate in chasing them down and finding their root cause. Certainly not every operational software is caused by software, but a lot of them are. And when they are, the development team should be keenly interested in discovering what it was about its design and testing practices that caused the defect and allowed it to escape. In our experience, this kind of feedback is usually not sought and generally not welcome. This is a mistake. The only way to prevent escaped defects in the future is to examine the ones that occur in the present, methodically find their root causes, and, one by one, eliminate them.

Source: "Leading Lean Software Development", Mary & Tom Poppendieck, Addison-Wesley

*** Books ***

Master Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is an open source load and performance testing tool developed by the Apache Foundation that has become a major asset in software testing, being also used as a solution for many online commercial load testing services. The book “Master Apache JMeter From load testing to DevOps” provides an impressive amount of knowledge on how to successfully use JMeter, from your first steps with the tool to its integration in a DevOps approach.

Read the full review and quotes from Master Apache JMeter.

Reference: Master Apache JMeter From Load Testing to DevOps, Antonio Gomes Rodrigues, Philippe Mouawad and Milamber,

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*** Software Development Linkopedia ***

Web site: The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Text: How to Run Inclusive Meetings

Text: Technical Debt and Product Success

Text: Rhubarb, Rhubarb! Does your bias affect your testing?

Text: Rethinking how we interview in Microsoft’s Developer Division

Text: Agile Contracts

Text: Joining A Startup As The First QA

Text: A Typical Sprint, Play-By-Play

Text: Complexity and Strategy

Video: Watch a 5-day Google Sprint in 20 minutes

Video: 7 Secrets of Maintainable Codebases

Video: Conducting Large Distributed Team Retrospectives

Video: Software Architectures That Bend Without Breaking

Video: Polyglot Agile

Video: Modified Mob Testing

Book Review: Continuous Digital

Book Review: Master Apache JMeter

Tools: Firepoker is an Agile planning poker open source tool powered by Firebase and AngularJS

Tools: The Selenified Test Framework provides mechanisms for simply testing applications at multiple tiers while easily integrating into DevOps build environments. Selenified provides traceable reporting for both web and API testing, wraps and extends Selenium calls to more appropriately handle testing errors, and supports testing over multiple browser…

Tools: Using Commercial Scrum Tools for Free

*** Promoted Software Development Conferences ***

VueConf.US, March 25-27 2019, Tampa, USA

STAREAST Testing Conference, April 28–May 3, 2019, Orlando, FL, USA

deliver:Agile, April 29-May 1 2019, 2019 Nashville TN, USA

Big Apple Scrum Day, May 10 2019, New York, USA

GeeCon, May 15-17 2019, Krakow, Poland

XP 2019, May 21-25 2019, Montreal, Canada

ACE! Agile Central Europe, May 23-24 2019, Krakow, Poland

Agile + DevOps West, June 2-7, 2019, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Agile Testing Days USA, June 23–27, 2019, Chicago, IL, USA

Agile on the Beach, July 11-12 2019, Falmouth, UK

Agile Alliance Agile2019, August 5-9 2019, Washington DC, USA

Agile Crete & SoCraTes, September 5-7 2019, Kolymbari, Greece

Agile Prague, September 16-17 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, October 14-16 2019, Portland, USA The Call for Proposals is open now. The deadline is April 17 2019.

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