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Methods & Tools - News, Facts & Comments Edition - November 2009

*** News *********************************************************

* M&T Industry Press Releases Channel

You can follow press releases from software development tools vendors on

*** Numbers ******************************************************

* More Procedures in Software Configuration Management

Our last poll was asking "How is software configuration management (change management / version control) performed at your location?". We did a similar survey in 2006 and things have changed since. We have also introduced a "continuous integration" answer to evaluate the adoption of this agile practice. See the complete results on


* Functional Testing Responsibility Poll

The current M&T poll is asking: Who do functional testing at your location? Go to to participate and to see intermediate results.

*** Jobs Opening on ******************************

Find more than 150 open jobs on

Posting of jobs is free. If your company is recruiting in the software development field, do not hesitate to use this board.

*** Linkopedia ***************************************************

Linkopedia November 2009


Software Process and Measurement Cast 

COBOL on Cogs 

Perspectives - One Size Does Not Fit All 

Article: Mastering Grails: Mock testing with Grails

Article: The Tao of Screen Design 

Article: The Clojure programming language 

JRaptor, a Java MVC framework 

Approval Tests - an assertion-based testing framework for C#, Java, Ruby 

Video: Talking Architects with Len Bass 

Video: Test Driving GUI with Approval Tests 

Video: Building Applications in the Cloud 

Find more items in our directories:,,, and

*** Books ********************************************************

Domain-Specific Modeling

Domain-specific modeling (DSM) is an approach articulated around three elements: a specific modeling language, code generation and a domain framework. The book authors work for a company that has been proposing a DSM tool since the last century. This make them first-hand experts on the topic, but you have also to remind which side they are when they talk about DSM compared to other approaches. The authors are conscious of this and discuss it openly, so that the reader can be aware of the situation. This being said, this book is an excellent and convincing presentation of what is domain-specific modeling, what it is not and how it relates to generic modeling approaches like UML. It contains more than 100 pages of real case studies showing how you can use DSM in different contexts (embedded software, insurance, etc). Finally, a final part guides you in details through the different steps needed to create a DSM solution. This part contains an important decision guide that will allow you to evaluate if your domain is suited for a DSM effort.

The book is very well written and is certainly a must read for every software developer who could be involved in the development of software that has some "product" attributes, that is software projects that involve repeated development efforts based on a common domain knowledge. It will also allow you to think and understand more deeply what is modeling and how you can reuse the initial investments in understanding the domain and creating the first products. The website of the book is

Reference: "Domain-Specific Modeling - Enabling Full Code Generation", Steven Kelly, Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, John Wiley & Sons, 427 pages

Get more details on this book or buy it on

Get more details on this book or buy it on

*** Conferences: **********************

* International Test Certification Weeks (ITCW)

* Dallas, TX - December 7-11, 2009
* San Antonio, TX, February 22-26, 2010
* Minneapolis, MN, April 12-16, 2010
* Boston, MA, June 14-18, 2010

Full day in-depth Software Testing and QA courses taught by Leading Industry Experts in Software Testing & Quality


* Agile Specifications, BDD and Testing eXchange, November 27 2009, London, UK

Join Gojko Adzic, Dan North, Lisa Crispin, Liz Keogh, Antony Marcano, Andy Palmer & David Evans to hear the latest on agile testing, agile specification, BDD and more! This 1 day interactive conference takes place at Skills Matter's brand new venue in Clerkenwell. Come and join the community, have fun and learn!


* Lean & Kanban eXchange, December 1 2009, London, UK

Skills Matter is excited to announce the first annual Lean and Kanban eXchange, taking place in central London. The aim is to promote awareness and adoption of Lean and Kanban ideas and techniques. Speakers include Kanban guru David J Anderson, plus Benjamin Mitchell, David Joyce, David Laribee and more.


* droidcamp London, December 1 2009, London, UK

droidcamp is a 1-day BarCamp taking place the day before droidcon London 2009. The aim of the BarCamp is to be open and participatory where the content is provided by participants. Come and share ideas, hack and meet other Android developers. The only stipulation is that you are using, interested in or want to know more about Android!


* droidcon London, December 2 2009, London, UK

droidcon London is the UK's first ever community conference aimed at Android developers. The event will bring together the Android development community in an informal environment where they can share ideas, demo new apps, talk to the experts and network. The event follows the world's first ever droidcon event in Berlin in November.


* Ruby on Rails eXchange, December 3 2009, London, UK

The 3rd Annual RoR eXchange will feature talks, demo's and discussions, to provide an opportunity for leading thinkers, rubyists, rails fiends and other RoR and Web community members, to get together for a fun day of learning, discussion and sharing and hear about tools, new Ruby or Rails features and more.


* Cloud & Grid eXchange, December 7-8 2009, London, UK

This event aims to bring together the leading experts on Cloud & Grid technologies, high scalability and performance, with London's enterprise development community for an informal day of deep technical insight and discussion. Featured speakers include Russ Miles, Alexis Richardson & Dave Felcey - more names and session details to be announced soon!


* Groovy & Grails eXchange, December 9-10 2009, London, UK

The G&G eXchange is now in its 4th year and as usual will be sold out! The programme is packed with 12 interesting talks, case studies, demos and sessions aimed at helping delegates harness the power of Groovy and Grails. Speakers include the founders of Groovy & Grails Graeme Rocher and Guillaume LaForge. Do not miss this event!


* Flex on Java eXchange, December 14 2009, London, UK

This 1-day conference will feature leading experts on RIA, Flex, Java, Spring and Groovy. Programme Lead is Andrew Shorten, Adobe evangelist so is sure to be a very exciting and informative programme. The aim is for enterprise Java developers to learn how Adobe RIA technologies can be harnessed in an enterprise development environment – book now!


* Open Source in Finance eXchange, December 15 2009, London, UK

Sponsored by Ingres, this event will feature 6 leading experts who will demonstrate how to harness the power of Open Source technology within the Financial Services sector. Expect sessions on building scalable, secure and robust systems and learn from the very best! Early Bird discounts are available so get your skates on and book now.


* Spring in Finance eXchange, December 16 2009, London, UK

This year's Spring in Finance eXchange will bring together the leading Spring experts with innovators, technologists, architects and developers in the Financial Services community for an informal day of deep technical insight and friendly discussion. Speakers include Dave Syer of SpringSource and Jan Machacek of Cake Solutions - more to be announced soon.


* Domain Driven Design eXchange, December 18 2009, London, UK

Want to learn more about DDD from the experts in the know? Want to get involved in the DDD community? Then come along to the winter edition of the DDD eXchange at Skills Matter. Programme Lead is Adam Shimali, the London DDD UG leader, and with talks from DDD gurus including Gojko Adzic, Ian Cooper and Kevlin Henney this will be the best place to learn in 2009!


* TheServerSide Java Symposium, March 17-19, Las Vegas, USA

40+ sessions across 5 tracks: Tools and Techniques, Frameworks, Architecture and SOA, Language, and NEW! Cloud development. Visionary keynotes from executives at Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Get best practices from renowned industry experts. Register today to take advantage of the early-bird pricing and save $300!


* Spring In Finance eXchange, March 18 2010, London, UK

Join Spring thought leaders Jan Machacek, David Syer and more for a day of discussion, workshops and insight and learn how to develop highly scalable, fast enterprise systems for the financial services sector. This event will also be interesting for anyone in the online gaming & betting sector - £25 tickets currently available!


* Flex on Java eXchange, April 15 2010, London, UK

Skills Matter is pleased to announce the first annual Flex on Java eXchange, featuring a keynote by Adobe evangelist Andrew Shorten. The event will bring together the leading experts on RIA, Flex, Java, Spring and Groovy with London's JEE and web development community, for an informal day of deep technical insight and friendly discussion - - £25 tickets currently available!


* Cloud & Grid eXchange, April 22-23 2010, London, UK

Join Russ Miles, Alexis Richardson, Dave Felcey, Simon Wardley and more to hear about the latest ideas, technologies and best practices for the development of large, scalable and highly performant enterprise systems, using Cloud & Grid technologies - £25 tickets currently available!


* iqnite 2010, 27-30 April 2010, Düsseldorf, Germany

The iqnite 2010 in Germany offers you a combination of inter branch presentations, keynotes, workshops and tutorials as well as an exhibition area over the four days. The conference days have up to five presentations from experts and several workshops in parallel so you are able to organise your day due to your individual needs. Our exclusive evening event will provide you with the opportunity of effective networking.


* iqnite 2010 Suisse, June 15 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

The iqnite conference (formerly known as Software & Systems Quality Conference) is one of the most important events for the Testing and Quality community. iqnite 2010 in Geneva offers you a combination of inter branch presentations, keynotes and workshops as well as an exhibition throughout a whole day. With several tracks in parallel you are able to organise your day based on your individual needs and still to take your time for intensive networking.

*** M&T News *****************************************************

* Follow Us!





* Methods & Tools Article Pipeline

In future issues, you will find articles on:
* Agile Coaching
* Large System Refactoring
* Does Process Improvement Really Pay Off?
* Are Enterprise AJAX Applications Doomed…Or Are We?
* Domain Driven Design
* Five Symptoms of Mechanical Agile
* Using Wat-iN to leverage common elements in Web Testing
* Make your code more testable
* Model Based Testing
* Continuous Testing


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