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Methods & Tools - November 2019
Sharing global software development expertise since 1993

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*** Updates ***

Last Articles Published on Methods & Tools Website

MantisBT - Open Source Bug Tracker MantisBT (Mantis Bug Tracker) is an open source web-based bug-tracking tool that has been available for more than 15 years and that offers an interface in 50 languages. The software provides ways to customize the user roles and the bug process workflow. MantisBT has a plugin system that allows extension of MantisBT through both officially maintained and third party plugins. Read more...

*** From The Archives ***

Articles from Methods & Tools' Archives

A Risk-Driven Model for Agile Software Architecture This article introduces the risk-driven model of architectural design. Its essential idea is that the effort you spend on designing your software architecture should be commensurate with the risks faced by your project. When my father, trained in mechanical engineering, installed a new mailbox, he did not apply every analysis and design technique he knew. Instead, he dug a hole, put in a post, and filled the hole with concrete. The risk-driven model can help you decide when to apply architecture techniques and when you can skip them. Read more...

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*** Quote of the Month ***

Expecting high performance does not mean that you demand it. Expecting high performance means that you simply know achieving it is more than possible, it is normal. Expecting high performance means that you believe the team can attain it, so you hold them, compassionately and firmly, to that expectation. By believing, you urge them to strive for a vision of what they can become together. They get call forth to me more than they are now.

[...] You believe in high performance, but what is it? It's a slippery thing; high-performance models, assessments, and descriptions abound, yet a satisfying all-inclusive dictionary-type definition eludes. You will not find that kin of definition of high performance in this book, either. I seek not to pin it down but to free it by acknowledging that high performance is not as much about achieving a certain state as it is a journey toward something better.

Source: Coaching Agile Teams, Lyssa Adkins, Addison Wesley, IBSN 978-0-321-63770-3

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*** Software Development Linkopedia ***

Text: Google’s Engineering Practices documentation: How to do a code review

Text: Every Agile business analyst ‘s go-to list of 101 project-tracking questions

Text: Beginning Fuzz Cycle Automation: Improving Testing and Fuzz Development with Coverage Analysis

Text: Assessment of 6 approaches to scale Scrum

Text: Toxic Team Members

Text: Seven Recommendations for Testing in a Non-Deterministic World

Text: On Writing Product Roadmaps

Text: Getting Performance Testing Back on Track - Part 2

Book reviews: A Philosophy of Software Design

Video: Do not Put All Your Eggs in One Container

Video: Monolith? Microservices? Who Cares?

Video: Technical Debt is a Systemic Problem, Not a Personal Failure

Video: Visual Testing with CodeceptJS & Resemble.js

Video: Secrets of Top Performance in Java

Video: A Software Architect Guide to the Cloud Offerings

Video: Asking Over Telling: Build Great Agile Teams

Video: Millisecond Full Stack Acceptance Tests

Tools: Detox is an open source gray box end-to-end testing and automation library for mobile apps.

Tools: Software Process Dashboard is an open source tool to support individuals and teams using high-maturity, metrics-intensive project management methodologies [such as Personal Software Process PSP(SM) and Team Software Process TSP(SM)]. It supports personal and team earned value tracking and forecasting; simplifies metrics collection and analysis.

Tools: Open Source Planning Poker Tools presents a list of open source planning poker tools and plugins that are also directly available as online tools.

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